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⚾⚾⚾ Hey Livermore! If you’re a fan of baseball, with a love for the game and desire to be a part of the action….
Granada Little League is looking for you!👀

Hi I’m Maria D’Aura a local Livermore Realtor and Granada Little League Baseball mom.

🧢 There are hundreds of Livermore kids👦, just like my son, back on the fields playing baseball this season with Granada Little League.

😟 But there is a shortage of umpires for our games and we need baseball fans just like you who love the game and want to have the best seat on the field, and have time to volunteer to umpire at least one game a week.

✅ Don’t worry, the league will provide all the training and equipment. We just need your time and commitment!

👍 Granada Little League has over 700 families participating and some of the highest numbers of participants beyond majors level in the state of California. With 8 fields and games 4 to 5 days a week, There are as many as 24 games played on just a Saturday alone.

If you or someone you know loves baseball forward the video to them! Even if you only have time to umpire one game a week…we still need you!

👇 To get started, use the link below to send me your contact information and I’ll connect you with Granada Little Leagues head umpire Joe Duca so he can get you on the field ASAP so these kids don’t have to cancel any games this season.

😘 Thanks Livermore! And I’ll see you at the fields!⚾