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Hi today, I’m going to take you on a virtual tour of made me some park in Livermore, California. May Nissen Park is located in the North of downtown area of Livermore. It is one of the larger neighborhood parks, both in size and amenities. It covers just over 12 acres, including playgrounds, baseball fields, group picnic areas, basketball courts, a dog park, community swimming pool, a preschool, even a satellite branch of the public library. It’s a great park for kids and adults alike. Keep watching and we’ll take a closer look.


This playground is the first of its kind in a Livermore park. There are huge colorful flower sculptures which are not only are fun to look at, but they provide shade in the hot summer days. There are sections of this playground for all ages, with swings and rock climbing, walls, bridges, slides, merry-go-round hopscotch designs, water, and sand, and play areas. Even the amphitheater and some musical instruments to play with even mind. This playground is so popular that it does tend to get crowded when the weather is nice, May Nissen Park is also great place for playing sports. There are tennis courts, basketball courts, a large open field, and it is home to the Randy Johnson Jr. Giants field. Randy Johnson is a Major League Baseball player who pitched for the San Francisco Giants. He grew up in Livermore and caught the ceremonial first pitch on this field named after him when the field was opened in 2009.

If you don’t have kids or aren’t not into sports there’s still plenty of features to enjoy in this park. If you have a dog, May Nissen park is home to one of seven dog parks located in Livermore.

It’s important to mention them May Nissen park is one of the few parks at Livermore with public bathrooms, especially important for those of you with children in the potty training phase. If you’re a parent with older children, don’t need to be in your line of sight constantly, you can get some exercise in for yourself while the kids play on the playground. There’s outdoor exercise equipment for adults right along the edge of the playground. Something for parents of younger kids to be aware… This playground has many different levels and section which make great hiding places for little ones. It’s easy to lose sight of your children, even when the park isn’t crowded. So be prepared to follow younger children around. It’s not a park where you can take a seat, relax, read a book, or visit with a friend and keep them insight wherever they go.

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