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If you’re thinking about selling your home you’ve probably been paying more attention to the advertisements you get from real estate agents…. and have noticed some ads from discount brokers. You might be wonderings…Will listing your home with a discount broker save me money? Probably not.

But wait a minute!?  You say? What about the agents that advertise really low commission to sell? As low as 1%. Certain those will save me money since it will only cost me 1%! The truth is you need to read the fine print. It’s highly unlikely you will every pay only a total of 1% and here’s why…

Keep in mind in the seller typically pays BOTH the listing agent and the buyers agent. So you will be paying for a full service agent for your buyer.  Who do you think will have the advantage? While it might be tempting to hire a discount broker to list your home and feel like your saving some money keep in mind that you’re taking your chances when it comes to the negotiation aspect of the transaction and might not be saving any money at all. 

If you’re considering selling your home in the San Francisco Bay Area call me today to schedule a free, no obligation, listing consultation. 

Maria D’Aura, Livermore Realtor®