How quickly can you sell my home?

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Homes are flying off the shelves! This is such a sellers market, it can be easy to fall for the idea that your home will sell in a day – don’t fall for it!


Hi, I’m Maria D’Aura with eXp Realty, and according to Investopedia, a sellers market occurs when there is an absorption rate that of which – the rate at which homes are sold in a specific market in a specific time frame – equals more than 20%, and we are definitely in a sellers market! No matter how amazing the sellers market is, It might not be the best move to take the first offer and sell on day one.


When you sell your home too quickly, you may be leaving money on the table. When a home is marketed properly, it can take time to get the information thoroughly distributed. If you finalize the sale too quickly, you may be missing out on other offers, and you may miss out on being able to get the best terms that suit your needs. So will your home sell quickly – yes! The sellers market will make your home highly desirable! But if you allow my marketing strategies to work for you, you won’t want to sell in a day… instead follow my timeline so you have higher potential to make more money on the sale of your home.


I’m Maria D’Aura with eXp Realty If you’re thinking of selling your home give me a call and let me walk you through what an ideal selling timeline might look like.