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Livermore vs. Pleasanton

Let’s compare two east bay tri-valley cities —Livermore and Pleasanton. And at the end I’ll reveal the 2 things ONE of these two cities has that no other cities have. Do you know what they are?

Call For Umpires!

⚾⚾⚾ Hey Livermore! If you’re a fan of baseball, with a love for the game and desire to be a part of the action…. Granada Little League is looking for you!👀 Hi I’m Maria D’Aura a local Livermore Realtor and Granada Little League Baseball mom. 🧢 There are...

2020 Bay Area Real Estate Market Review and prediction for 2021

If the record high home prices and low interest rates on new loans, that we're seeing in this current housing market have you wondering, if you should sell and skip down the yellow brick road to a new house, you're not alone. If you've been considering selling or...

What is a homeowner association? aka HOA

Is HOA really a four letter word? For some it might be, but a lot depends on you and the HOA. They're not all the same. When buying a home in with a homeowner association it can be difficult to know what you're really buying into. Check out my video for tip on what...

Karl Wente Park | Livermore, CA | Livermore Real Estate Agent

Let’s explore Karl Wente Park in Livermore. Karl Wente Park is located in Livermore's Sunset East neighborhood. Located South of downtown between Holmes and Arroyo just north of Concannon Boulevard. I'm going to share with you the downside of this park that many local...