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Videos and Posts about buying, selling, and market updates

Livermore vs. Pleasanton

Let’s compare two east bay tri-valley cities —Livermore and Pleasanton. And at the end I’ll reveal the 2 things ONE of these two cities has that no other cities have. Do you know what they are?

Call For Umpires!

⚾⚾⚾ Hey Livermore! If you’re a fan of baseball, with a love for the game and desire to be a part of the action…. Granada Little League is looking for you!👀 Hi I’m Maria D’Aura a local Livermore Realtor and Granada Little League Baseball mom. 🧢 There are...

What is a homeowner association? aka HOA

Is HOA really a four letter word? For some it might be, but a lot depends on you and the HOA. They're not all the same. When buying a home in with a homeowner association it can be difficult to know what you're really buying into. Check out my video for tip on what...